Old lure & antique tackle prices. I buy, sell and take consignments.
I want to spend $100,000 on old tackle

Second Edition is out of print - SOLD OUT!.

Contains about 15,000 entries of sales that actually took place. NOT my opinion or wishful thinking but just the facts. There are descriptions including color, type hardware etc. Most important is the date of the transaction. This used to be me secret "BIG BLACK BOOK" that I used to buy stuff at shows.

Want to get the BEST price for your old tackle? Consign to the Capt! Nobody sells more old tackle on eBay than I do. I have a huge following of loyal buyers who trust me and bids accordingly. To view my fees and many testimonials jest click on this here link.
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To see a list of what I collect jest clicks this here link. I am always willing to buy or trade fer lures what I needs:
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I am always open to fishing trip suggestions in Canada, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and the U.P. If'n ye wants to share a trip, drops me an email. I release everything so no need to worry that I'll fish out yer secret spot. To view Cap's lunkers jest click on the link:
Some big uns

Featured in In-Fisherman magazine April-May 2002
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As the biggest seller of old tackle on eBay, nobody has more old lures passing through his hands on a daily basis. I know the market. If you want the most for your old lures, sell them to me. It is easy to check my reputation, just do a search on eBay for
SELLER = Capt.John
I can also provide many references via email.

$100,000 available to spend on the right collection! I will travel to purchase large collections. I buy old lures, old reel, old rods and paperwork, advertising and old tackle company catalogs.

just click on this link to sends me an email -- jakolbeck@midco.net

I be buying, selling and trading all types of old tackle. Whats ye got?
For an estimate, email pictures and any important info. For a fast cash offer, mail insured for at least $100.

John A. Kolbeck
3603 Rock Shelf Ln
Round Rock, TX 78681
(218) 464-7887

Samples of what I buy

My email is jakolbeck@midco.net if you have old tackle to sell. I pay cash fer all old collectable tackle or will sell on consignment fer ye. Have the best known seller of old tackle on eBay peddle yer treasures for top doubloon.

John A. Kolbeck
3603 Rock Shelf Ln
Round Rock, TX 78681
(218) 464-7887

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