Big fish

Updated Dec. 9, 2007
Add a lunker - take the Ol Cap fishing

Here be a few nice nice ones I have caught and released the past few years

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Big Bass from March 2003
ice Pike perch rod and lite line!
Guide with big pike
Devils Lake walleye
Big Lake Trout
Mexico fishing2
Mexico fishing3
Mexico fishing4
Mexico fishing5
Mexico fishing6
Mexico fishing7
Mexico fishing8
Mexico fishing9
Mexico fishing10
Mexico fishing11
Mexico fishing12
Mexico fishing13
Mexico fishing14
Mexico fishing15
Mexico fishing16
Mexico fishing17
Mexico fishing18
Mexico fishing19
Mexico fishing20
Mexico fishing21
Mexico fishing22
Mexico fishing23
Mexico fishing24
Mexico fishing25
Mexico fishing26
Mexico fishing27
Mexico fishing28
Mexico fishing29
Mexico fishing30
Mexico fishing31
Mexico fishing32
Mexico fishing33
Mexico fishing34

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